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East Midlands Chamber survey confirms that Brexit doubt is stifling business

3 April 2019

Companies are suffering cashflow problems and have lost confidence to invest in premises, plant and people.


Retail focus for latest LBV Lunchtime Meetup

25 March 2019

Kindly hosted by the Queen Victoria Arts Club venue in the heart of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter, attendees from the local business community heard from key speakers representing diverse elements of Leicester’s retail offer.


Chamber reacts to MPs voting to ask EU to allow an extension to Article 50

15 March 2019

“For the sake of UK plc, it is vital that the whole issue of Brexit is put to bed once and for all, as soon as possible, so that the creators of jobs and wealth can get back to focusing on what they do well, particularly here in the East Midlands.


Holding Spring Statement failed to send strong message to EU and wider world

14 March 2019

Commenting on today’s Spring Statement, Chris Hobson, Director of Policy/Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at the award-winning East Midlands Chamber*, said: “Mr Hammond painted a positive picture of where UK plc is today and how, as the fifth largest economy in the world, it is within our gift to become stronger in the years ahead.  (more…)

Should growing SME expect banks to share risk?

7 March 2019

When my partner and I started our business twenty years ago, one of the first decisions we needed to make was who to bank with. Although some new players were nudging into the SME market, most new businesses were still being advised by their accountants to choose one of the big four (which at the time still even included Midlands). (more…)