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Your Voice – Smart Business Recovery

The latest Your Voice feature, giving LBV members a platform for their views on the current business landscape in Leicester.

Gavin Bates has decades of experience as an insolvency practitioner. He began his career in 1990 and is one of the most respected and experienced practitioners in the Leicestershire area. His focus is on helping you understand your situation and then getting you to the right resolution with empathy and clarity because he understands that this is about people and not just the numbers.

How would you describe what your business does?

Smart Business Recovery started with the goal of helping directors and individuals resolve their financial issues with empathy, understanding and plain English information. Whether you are looking to close your business to retire, are worried about insolvency, or facing bankruptcy, the first step to a resolution is to understand your position. We cover business and personal insolvency as well as offering advice and guidance in a range of financial matters.

What are the biggest opportunities for your business?

It would appear that 2023 will be a difficult year for business. Smart Business Recovery is here to help, so the biggest opportunities are when a director reaches out as soon as possible when they have a problem because the sooner we are involved the more likely it is that we can find a positive outcome.

What are the biggest challenges for your business?

One of the challenges we face is that insolvency practitioners (IPs) are sometimes thought of as faceless number crunchers who are just looking to close a business and strip the assets. Not all IPs are like that. We pride ourselves on being different and we always act with empathy and understanding while keeping the client informed of their choices.

What would you identify as the key strengths of Leicester?

Leicester is a hive of activity when it comes to business. Industries as varied as space, engineering and the arts thrive here. This is a diverse, inclusive area sitting conveniently in the heart of the UK with one foot in the future and another in the lasting traditions of the past. For me, the unique, vibrant, and varied nature of Leicestershire is its biggest strength.

What are the top three ways in which Leicester can develop to support the business community?

  1. Seek out new ways of reaching out to the rest of the UK to raise the profile of the area as a great location to do business.
  2. Ensure we are reaching out to all the diverse Leicester communities to collaborate on building a cohesive business community
  3. Look to be an alternative to London as a cost effective, proposition to investment in much the same way that Manchester, Liverpool, and Sheffield have all successfully raised their profile with European and global investors and businesses.

Why is LBV important to you and your business?

We are stronger together so the more we understand about all our individual and group needs, the better we all thrive. LBV is a key component in raising the profile of Leicestershire business while also providing a central point for communication and development. On a personal note, I get to meet some amazing businesses and the talented people who make the area a success and have been to some hidden gems in the area.


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