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Feeling festive at December meet-up

19 December 2018

Creative industry experts discuss their role in the business sector.

Attendees at LBV’s latest business networking meet-up event got an insight into some of the key new areas for creative businesses in Leicester. A diverse range of external speakers prompted a wide-ranging discussion about topics including virtual reality, 360 video production, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, digital design and corporate architecture.

The event, held at the LCB Depot in Leicester on 14 December 2018, showcased the creative industry’s critical role in all business sectors.

External speakers included:

Dafydd Prichard, LBV Board Member and Managing Director of Cite, said: “Leicester’s creative community is extremely strong but we’re always keen to discuss ways in which the wider business community can increase engagement with the creative industries to grow business opportunities.

“This event was a good opportunity to talk about how some of the real innovations going on within the creative sector can impact other businesses as we welcome a new generation of ‘creative technologists’.”

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