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16 November 2020

LBV recently surveyed its membership on a range of issues relating to its events programme, the hot topics impacting local businesses and how LBV can continue to evolve as a voice for the Leicester business community.

The majority of respondents would like to see more from LBV on the topics of local and regional government, economic and regeneration planning, and opportunities for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Specifically, respondents would like to see more on the long-term decline of retail in the city and how to deal with it, post-Brexit and COVID support, property options and solutions in a post-COVID world, and the Local Plan.

In the future, 75% of respondents would like to see a mix of online and ‘real-world’ events, and some made suggestions for our events to include an online networking session with breakout rooms.

To help LBV evolve and grow, some of the suggestions included encouraging younger membership, getting members together for large tender opportunities and developing as the foremost lobby group for business in Leicester and beyond.

Robin Pointon, Chair of LBV said: “Local businesses are facing unprecedented challenges and we were keen to get a snapshot of their concerns, future plans and how LBV can continue to support them. We’re currently developing a strategy for 2021 and all of the feedback that we’ve received from members will help to shape and influence our plans.”

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